How to...Set up a Point Based Donation Store [DonationCraft]



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    I am concerned about the "Selling points" aspect.

    The new EULA changes ( clearly states:

    "You cannot charge real-world cash for in-game currency"

    IMO, Even if you call them "website points" they are still considered currency since you use them to purchase items thru a store. And since you can have access to those points from within the game, then it's not far fetched to call those points an in-game currency as per Mojang's rules.

    We can argue all we want about it but in the end.... it's Mojang who will decide if what you propose is against the new EULA changes. Why dont you (Enjin) ask Mojang about it? Owen Hill provided his email address on his twitter account so we can ask him questions about what is or is not against the new rules.

    I would love to see Mojang say "It's ok, website points are allowed" but since server owners could still abuse and cause trouble going thru this so called "loop hole", I get the feeling they wont accept it. Time will tell!


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